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Expedited Services

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Expedited Services

Alara Transportation Services knows that customers frequently face situations, which are time-sensitive, and we are ready to handle their most pressing needs.

When you need an expedite transportation,  time is of the essence, safety is imperative, and outstanding customer service is essential. As your partner, we’re here to do what is necessary in order to get the job done right for you.

Whether you employ a just-in-time inventory model, or just have a last-minute need, we are available 24/7 and will employ one of the following critical and time-sensitive expedite shipping solutions/logistics services, based upon your needs:

  • Ground Expedited
  • Truckload Expedite

Alara Transportation Services has developed a great reputation for ensuring timeliness. We incorporate non-stop operations and utilize shortest routes to destinations to ensure minimum transportation time.

We monitor shipment status and provide notifications and delivery confirmations to optimize knowledge and overall customer experience. This is a great way for us to maintain a line of communication in order to notify customers with updates or potential problems ahead of time, enhancing our honesty and transparency with our highly valued customers.

We are well practiced and well prepared to put this service to great use for your highest demands.

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