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FTL & LTL Services

FTL – Full Truck Loads

Whether our customers require us to ship carriers to volume capacity, unbalanced loads, unusually heavy shipments, high-risk/high-value shipments, or face pressing time demands, our FTL (Full truckload) services guarantee that we are up to the task of carrying out these operations as safely, affordably, and efficiently as possible.

Our trained planning staff will walk you through the logistics and help you weigh you options and minimize costs wherever possible. They will also supply you with a detailed plan to meet your needs.

As always, we ensure efficiency and work hard to foster solid customer service and to successfully achieve an on-time delivery.

Shipping a full truckload (FTL) provides more options for your cargo. Shipping FTL from origin to destination is the most time and cost efficient way to truck a large amount of cargo. Your cargo remains with a dedicated trailer, meaning there is no need to consolidate with other cargo. FTL options for large shipments may include specialized equipment such as air ride, removable goose-neck flatbed, heavy haul trucking, and refrigerated trucks.

As a rule of thumb, FTL shipments normally range from 15,000 pounds to 45,000 pounds. The pricing for FTL shipping is based on a rate per mile cost with a minimum charge per load. It is important to deal with an industry leader who understands and can guide you through The National Motor Freight Classification (NMFC) standard. All trucked commodities are classified separately based on density, handling, storability, and liability.

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